From Mabel's to Richard's

Just for fun I ran the locations of Richard's and Mabel's homes in Ulverston on Google Earth. They only lived about 5 minutes from each other. Here's the Google Earth Map. Richard's home was on Clarence Street (yellow marker) and Mabel's on Sunderland Terrace (red marker)




Mike Niederman said...

Very interesting to see. If you do the same for the London addresses, the Dickinson family was at 74 Wellington Rd. Richard and Mabel lived at 87 1/2 Wellington, just across the street. The Sant family lived at 34 Wellington Rd.; Florence Sant married Frank Dickinson after the War. They were my maternal grandparents, and lived at 28 Wellington. Florence's only sibling, William, was killed in the War in 1917.
I'm identifying the other people in the group photo of the seven soldiers; besides Richard, all are Dickinsons, Mabel's brothers. I'm not sure why Frank Dickinson, my grandfather, is not in the picture. He may have already gone overseas. I've got a photo, very similar, of just the six brothers. Looks to have been taken a bit later. I'll post the names later this week.
By the way, you've got Mabel's name spelled incorrectly on the photo page.

Museum Strathroy-Caradoc said...

Thanks for your comments Mike. I will correct Mabel's name spelling. That's on the photo page?