Undated post card

Periodically Dick mentions sending post cards for the "treasures". A number of these are in the collection. This particular post card had no message.


There were many items in the Armer file that were undated. While we wait for more information on Dick, I'm going to publish some of them.

27 Nov 1917

I've had some enquiries about whether the blog is continuing. Yes it is, but only as I find pieces of correspondence to upload. As you can see the letters stopped around the first of November and what remains in the files are those pieces of correspondence that reflect the family's attempts to learn Richard's fate.

26 Oct 1917 Won't be able to write in the rain

25 Oct 1917 the lonely winter nights

I thought I'd add a photo of Richmond and Dundas Street in 1915, which is about the time Richard joined up. Notice the electric lights on the sidewalk, overhead telephone wires and an electric trolley. No horses in sight. I wonder if that's Mabel on the bike?