Final Post

So, that's the story of Pte Richard Armer of London Ontario. He left a wife and three children. As sad a tale as it is, it is not singular. Many families lost fathers and brothers. Some lost daughters who were serving as nursing sisters or in the Volunteer Aid Detachment. The affect on Canada was devastating as a generation was gutted. Omnipresent cenotaphs across our country attest to that sad fact. 

Mabel never married again. 

Billie married and had three children of his own and died in 1997. He worked at Scott-McHale as a shoe maker. 

Margaret married. She was an accountant at CFRB radio. She died in 2002 in Forest Ontario. 

And the baby Dorothy who was born while Richard was overseas, became a court stenographer. She married. She passed away in 2003.

Many of their descendants still live in Western Ontario and we again, thank them for their generous permission to use the materials that they inherited.

Thank you for following Pte Richard Armer

John P Sargeant

26 June 2013

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